What to See in Curitiba, Brazil

Curitiba is known incredible European architecture and excellent food. It is also known as the ecological capital of Brazil as it enforces many programs to protect the environment.


In fact one of the Curitiba Brazil attractions are the twenty parks that boast bicycle paths that make it very easy to get around the city. Curitiba is great for single people both young and old because it has a very social park called the Parque Bariqui that is very laid back.  It is a great place to hang out with locals, roller blade or ride a bike.


The reason that the architecture in this city has such a European flair is because it is mainly populated by Ukrainian, Polish, German and Italian immigrants. The food that is offered in this city reflects this cultural diversity and there are many all you can eat style restaurants.  Most of these ethnic restaurants are located in an ethnic area of town called Batel.  The place also attracts a lot of German and Italian tourists each year.


This city, which is also about three centuries old also boasts a giant open market that is open every Sunday from 9 am to 2 pm.  This fair also features musicians and performers that wander through the streets.


This city is on the edge of a lush rain forest and tours of the Amazon are conducted on a bus that travels on a paved road called the Estrada da Graciosa through the lush greenery.  You can also book tours to the Guaraquecaba Environmental Protection Area, which is a Nature Reserve.


The city is also near the Parque Estadual de Vila Velha. This State park lies 52 miles from Curitiba. It contains twenty-two extraordinary rock formations dating from three hundred million years ago.


It also boasts some affordable luxury hotels such as the Parthenon hotel, which is located one kilometer away from the city center. There is also a Four Points by Sheraton Hotel, which has a spa. Many people come here to luxuriate in the sun and enjoy the five star treatments.


From Curibita you can also travel to gorgeous Honey Island, which is a place where no cars are allowed and there is nothing but small ramshackle homes, a few restaurants, humble hotels and miles of glorious beaches with warm calm water. You will have to travel 2 hours by bus and 30 minutes to cross the Paranagua Bay Channel but the trip is worth it as it like visiting a little bit of Eden.

Tips on Renting a Limousine by the Hour

If you are renting from a limousine by the hour then you need to keep  a few things in mind. First of all, the cheapest service is not necessarily the worst service. Never select a limo service based on price alone.  There are no real standards governing the limo industry so a service that charges very high prices may not be any better one that charges lower. You could spend a great deal of money and still end up paying for a crappy car or bad service.


The best thing to do is look up reviews on the service or get the most information that you can from the locals.  Don’t go near companies that have suddenly come up with unexpected charges, have big loopholes in contracts, demand an unrealistic deposit, have dirty cars or rude drivers.  If your car pulls up and it is damaged or if there is anything wrong in any way do not get into it.


Yet another big problem with limousine services is that sometimes they do not show at all.  This can happen if the limousine driver was offered a better flat fee than your hourly deal.  You can easily find out if a limousine service is known for standing people up by searching for reviews from other travellers online.


Usually the hourly cost of the limousine depends on its size and how many it can seat with stretch limos that can seat fourteen to 24 people obviously costing a lot more an hour than ones that only seat four people.


If a limousine seems to experience you can still get a similar experience from some companies who offer a lower price to be driven around hourly in a luxury sedan. Luxury sedans are also less costly.  Hummers and SUVs are the most expensive option when trying to rent glamorous transportation by the hour.


Your hourly rental rate may also vary according to the season. Booking a limo during times of high demand such as on holidays like St. Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day can be more expensive. They can also be more expensive around Christmas time.  If your transportation requires going a long way then some services will charge you extra for that.


However, in general the hourly rate for a limo varies from anywhere to $35 to $150 depending on all kinds of different factors. These are just very rough guidelines as to what to expect when it comes to limo rental pricing.