Bed and Breakfasts in Texas

No matter where you travel in Texas, which is a dramatic mix of scenes from the Wild West complete with cowboys roping horses and oil wells and glassy modern cities, you are bound to find a bed and breakfast with a charming and gregarious host or hostess. This is true whether you are staying in one of the more modern Texas B & B’s among the glass towers of a big cultural and business hub like Houston.


You might also want to plan to do a little fly-fishing on the Galveston coast (where all of the bed and breakfasts are located across the highway from the beach) This recreational area is also a boon for fisherman and nature lovers. Fredericksburg, Texas is an outstanding spot for sportsmen to find year-round opportunities to hunt native and exotic species of animals and has dozens of Texas bed and breakfasts that cater to sportsmen. At these places, many of which are institutions in the area, you can expect see to see a few oversized flying fish on the wall.


If you decide to stay in Houston make sure you take a visit to the space station, which is the home of the United States Space Shuttle. Houston is also famous for its five star fusion cuisines as well its trendy boutiques and artistic sidewalk café scene.  Most of Houston’s bed and breakfasts and little motels are located in this artsy district.


Yet another great place to stay in a Texas bed and breakfast is Dallas, the home of J.R. Ewing and the gang. Dallas hosts numerous million-dollar companies and is a city hat offers some of the worlds most sought after shopping.  If you stay in a bed and breakfast here expect some giant flapjacks to be on your place in the morning. You can find  BedAndBreakfast discount codes at to save some money.


The only thing grander than the huge size of Texas is its cultural diversity. People from all over the globe have settled here through the centuries, weaving a rich tapestry of traditions and art forms. Culturally you will see this reflected in the state’s cuisine, which ranges from Cajun Creole to European to cowboy style.


No matter where you stay in Texas you are likely to be impressed by the “breakfast” part of the Texas BedAndBreakfast experience. Aside from providing the usual tea and crumpets you are likely to find everything from steaks, to pancakes to pork and beans served up to you in the morning.


The B&B’s and Inns of Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara, located on California’s Central coast, has a great deal to offer the tourist (especially if you like bed and breakfasts that offer such five star luxuries as a built in spa service or breakfast in bed). These five star rated bed and breakfasts cater to the well heeled and are a cut above the usual mom and pop operations. Most of them are clustered near California’s Santa Ynez mountains, famous vineyards, five star restaurants and the Karpeles Manuscript Museum (that holds the original copy of the Declaration of Independence.)


In Santa Barbara proper there are many former stately residences in the historic section of the city.  Would you rather live in your own private cottage rather than stay in a stately mansions.  Many of the stately homes also have cottages that used to house the hired help.  Some hotels and B&B’s offer visitors an entire functional cottage.


One of the most famous of these Santa Barbara B & B’s is the Simpson’s Inn, which features fully outfitted cottages nestled among award winning rose gardens. You will feel like you have been transported to another world.


Another Inn that is well known for it’s cheap but affordable little cottages is the Secret Garden Inn which lives up to it’s name as all the cottages face into a beautiful green alcove with decorative tables and chairs. It is located right on Mission Street in downtown Santa Barbara close to all of the great shopping.


If you like the Spanish style of Villa and want to live right on the beach then try out the Brisas Del Mar. This is a mission stye place that has is just across the street from Pershing Park and the white sands of West Beach.


If you want to live in a standard beautiful motel for a few days then the Blue Sands fits the bill.  A combination of retro design with modern conveniences makes this a glamorous little place to stay.


There is plenty to see in beautiful Santa Barbara including a gorgeous coastline with a pounding surf, nature trails and many museums devoted to both English and Spanish colonial history. The museums, many of which are located within steps of Santa Barbara bed and breakfasts include The Santa Barbara Museum of Art (that contains an impressive collection of marble Roman statues) and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural Art (that has an exclusive shark exhibit and a Lizard Lounge.)  However you do not have to walk far from any B & B to see the real marine life as whale watching on the city’s shores is a popular pastime.