So You Have Decided to Take A Big Trip …

Getting ready for a trip can be both exciting and tiring. You’re ready to go to all the places you’ve wanted to see, but being ready for another country can be a bit stressful if you take everything too seriously. All you need is a pen, a piece of paper and a little time in front of your computer.


First things first, where are you going? Make a list of places you want to see and don’t just rely on one site. Think outside the box, do you have to visit the places you see on a postcard or would you like to go to more exotic, unknown (but of course safe) places? Look at sites where people share travel experiences and se wht they share. There are many travel agencies that have guides or tours that you can join, just inquire and then make some plans.  Decide whether you want to be on your own or just with your companion to have your own adventure, walk around shops and bazaars and just discover things by yourself.


Now that you know where you’re going, you’ll know what you’ll need. Aside from the usual papers you need from the embassy or from your ticketing agency, research on what people have had to do once they land in the country. Is there something you’ll need in the airport? Aside from that you’ll need a camera (traveling without one is simply not an option anymore), your laptop, laptop and cellphone charger and maybe an adaptor. Look into roaming charges for your cell phone.


Then necessities such as a toothbrush, toiletries (that are allowed on the plane) and other small items – are you going to bring some along or just buy them form a store somewhere? Make a list either way. Are you traveling to a country that’s experiencing hot or cold weather? Bring suitable clothing. I love Under Armour cold weather gear. You can get some Under Armour promo codes from .


Take note on what cards are accepted, whether it’s better to exchange your money in your country or where you’re traveling to and if you run out, will you be able to withdraw without any problems with your card? In case you have trouble, also find out what money sending services you can use (Western Union is the best choice) and where you can find one.


Lastly, always have a backup plan and contact information of where you’re staying, your embassy in that country or police information and always keep it on you at all times! You never know when you may need it. You wouldn’t want to be lost and not remember the name of the hotel you’re staying in!

The Benefits of Using Online Travel Auctions

Flexibility is the keyword when it comes to online travel. Most services up for bid may be used only during specific times, typically off-season dates that travel suppliers have had difficulty selling through traditional means. This leads to on the average, sixty percent in savings off of a trip and even more. Entire package vacations have been known to go for a bid of two dollars on the Internet especially on where the minimum bid is only a buck. If you are the highest bidder on Skyauction then the vacation package provider must eat the loss. Higher minimum bids are set on other auction sites.


Participating in an online travel auction is not that different that participating in any auction on eBay. In fact one of the biggest sources of online travel auction is eBay itself. If you are not familiar with how online auctions work in general there is plenty of information about it in the next chapter in this book.  You can also usually find tons of information about these sites in their Help and FAQ sections


For people who have no particular destination or date in mind, and for those who want to try to get lucky with cheap accommodations for a planned trip, auction sites are a great choice.


One of the nicest things about online travel auctions is that you don’t have to be the victim of any high-pressure sales tactics. There is no pushy travel agent sitting there in person warning you that a great deal is about to pass you by. Instead you will be watching bids over a set number of days, so you know exactly when that good deal on a vacation is about to expire.


Also you can search for deals on vacations any time of the day or night by visiting a popular site such as Skyauctions.  You don’t have to jump on the first deal that you see because when it comes to travel auctions, there are always going to be more deals surfacing online.  Another thing to remember is that many deals repeat themselves as auctions in a seasonal matter so if you miss that hot deal this year you can usually bid on it or a similar deal the following season.


Online travel auctions are also unique because they can provide a spark of inspiration. Many people enjoy surfing the sites do get ideas about where they would like to go next or to see just how cheap certain destination vacations can be had using this unique form of bidding. If you like to surf online and have a true love of the unpredictable as well as a flexible schedule then purchasing your vacation this way is an ideal option for you.